• Libra Project wins the SDG TADS awards 2020

    Come and have a look!

    Come and take a look at the awards we have won and find out more about the work we are doing on United Nations Goals.

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    We are NOT affiliated to Libra Association or Facebook in any way shape or form, if you have visited this page looking for information in regards to the aforementioned please visit them here.

    Who are we and what is our vision: Fact 1

    Libra Project Asset Management Ltd was founded in the UK in 2017 as an Impact renewable energy company specifically designed to advance the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


    Our scope of work is to identify small microgrid projects, to design, develop, and help supply energy to those who most need it our vision is to help 100m people by providing them with a power solution by 2030.


    Access to energy is a key pillar for human well-being, economic development, and poverty alleviation. Ensuring everyone has sufficient access is an ongoing and pressing challenge for global development. However, our energy systems also have important environmental impacts. Historical and current energy systems are dominated by fossil fuels (coal, oil, and gas), which produce carbon dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gases– the fundamental driver of global climate change. If we are to meet our global climate targets and avoid dangerous climate change, the world needs a significant and concerted transition in its energy sources.


    Balancing the challenge between development and environment, therefore, provides us with the ultimate goal of ensuring everyone has access to enough sustainable energy to maintain a high standard of living.


    We designed Libra Project asset management to track the impact delivered onto the blockchain and allow impact investors a seamless end to end investment experience.


    Our seed investors own our "Libra token" under a 5-year Option agreement which is why we have this site.


    We do not sell "LIBRA" to any members of the public and we will never launch a cryptocurrency.

    Fact 2

    We minted our digital token called "Libra Impact Token" almost a year before the Libra Association announced its existence to the world. The link takes you through to Ether-scan and the blockchain record where the immutable ledger proves our first to use, these tokens were provided to our seed investors as a proof of concept prior to a regulation D digital security offering.


    The fact is, we were in circulation with stakeholders and shareholders before Libra Association announced its activities in June 2019, there is not much we can do about this as these tokens are held under legally binding contracts with our shareholders.

    This website is for sale

    We have recently received a demand to close down this website. Over the past few years, we have spent much money on advertising and developing traffic. We cannot just allow it to vanish, we have also paid for it for ten years to try and protect our company's brand which is good governance. We have also had all of our filings for brand name usage opposed by multiple companies. We are a renewable energy company that has no conflict.


    We have offered to sell this site to other parties and they have refused to entertain the idea even though they were clearly the ones who launched onto our already in use brand which has cost us much time and money in legal fees.


    To try and add further clarity and distancing we have stopped all advertising of this site. Removed links from all of our documentation and as a company we have gone out of our way to differentiate and distance ourselves from potential confusion with any third party. We have also added large disclaimers to our website explaining exactly who we are.

    *public disclaimer*

    We are NOT affiliated to Libra Association or Facebook in any way shape or form.